communication solutions

Highlights and Recognitions

Sampled works which made a significant impact and were recognized by the client and the community.

Aeolian Day 2015

An exhibition of ARTworks and instruments that produce music or sound when played by the wind. I organized this event in 2015, and managed artist-calls, promotion, new partnerships and the event day end-to-end.


Mom's Art of Giving

A food donation drive, entirely powered by an online fundraiser that brought communities in the USA, India, Australia and other countries to contribute over Rs. 1,60,000 ($2500). The campaign supported meals for 217 children in India for up to 4 months.


For Those Who Do

Brand campaign idea that became the messaging signature and the spirit of the new brand positioning. The concept gave voice and structure to all communication for over a year across the world.


In Search of Sounds Yet To Be Found

A website re-brand exercise which helped create the voice, visual and overall identity for the organization. All programs evolved in their communication with the new envelope.


Kremlin Billboard Challenge

The entry that won the worldwide billboard contest announced by the brand in 2010. This was to be developed for a premium space in Moscow.


And I Left Only Footprints

A photo exhibition of travel photographs, each picture auctioned to raise funds for the visually impaired. The campaign and event raised over Rs 1,30,000 and was awarded to Mitra Jyothi.


No Child Labor

National anti-child-labor campaign led by a stamp of no-child-labor on brands, services and company representations. The logo was launched in the capital city of New Delhi in 2009, to be used across the nation.