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Engagements, Studies & Activities

Summary of all volunteer engagements, life activities and pursuits such as music, travel and physical upkeep. 

Classical Music

I am a trained classical vocalist; and have studied the piano for 2 years. I am also a beginner in Indian classical violin, flute and use the German auto-harp to accompany me in the vocal practice sessions.

I study music actively in different ways. Indian classical music has fascinated me for a long time, but it's only recently that it has begun to come together. My sonic studies are preliminary but help me grow everyday. 


Movement, Travel & Volunteership

I run, bike and swim regularly. I have run 5 half-marathons, a few cyclothons and a duathalon. I learnt to swim through YouTube videos, and aspire to become a strong swimmer. I also enjoy hiking - an activity that became more essential after we conquered Kilimanjaro in 2012. Travel keeps me sane, and I once biked for 8 days in Netherlands with my partner.

I am an active volunteer in the bay area, and have helped various nonprofits and arts organizations. Volunteership has helped me grow as a professional, and has sharpened my skills.


The Dark Room & Acrylic Painting

I studied film photography in a 2-month workshop and created my first works in the dark room. I spent 8 hours a day for over a week, and the craft left me absolutely stunned. This was done as part of my novel research.

I began to paint in acrylic in 2014, and have since then created many genre-independent works. These are all self-guided pieces, and help keep creative thinking alive. One of my works was displayed as part of Mother's Day Contest organized by Blick Arts.