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We are all good, We are all talented;

We are all strong

We are all a bit dented.

It's hard to believe that we have all these versions of ourselves that we do. We live through phases of life and invent these 'selves' magically. And we wish that some of these versions lasted forever. When times are good and the universe seems to move along, we feel like we have arrived and all the energy will help us get to wherever we want to.

The truth, however, lies not in that hope of a great future but in the strength to understand that we need to be vigilant of our present. It lies in the knowledge that a future could be distant and harder to get to. In fact, if we fail to watch the signs, we may never get there.

So, pick up that last piece that reminds you of your fragility and stick it on to your new dream. Stick it beautifully; well enough, that it becomes a shiny new you.