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His Sweet Smell

'The Musk' is the flavor that I bought for him, years ago. And he had been using it ever since because it's one of those things that made me hover around him a bit longer than usual. When we began to live together, his body odour used to bother me. Well, doesn't it bother everyone? In fact, my own body odour ticked me off. So, there were a lot of experiments I did to find the best flavor for him, and 'The Musk' was forever.

However, a few months later, he went away for a couple of weeks. I missed him, oh so bad. I couldn't wait for him to be home. The morning he was to return, I woke up early and kept the house ready to welcome him. I miscalculated the time and went away to buy grocery and meanwhile he reached home. As soon as I heard about his arrival, I sped up my walk.

I ran, and as I opened the door, the wind brought along with it the sweet smell of him. I felt safe, happy, fulfilled. And no, it wasn't 'The Musk'. It was the good old body odour.