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Just A Wife Come 2014 and I will be awarded the title of 'JAW, Just A wife' by the government of USA, the moment I enter the country. Well, what a new year gift! I have rehearsed living that life for the last 6 months and even though it's my personal failing in managing my time, it has been more than just crazy.

Add to that, I just happened to watch this video. I do not agree with the demands made here as a reaction to what you decide to put yourself through. Yes, we make that choice to be with our spouse and yes, we have to find a way out of the misery we may go through. However, what concerns me here is not being able to live with an identity of my own. Why does it matter that I have a card that says my name and not Mrs H1B? Why can't I have a bank account that is not a joint money-box? If I can drive, why do I have to go through so much of paper-work just because I am not authorized to work?

I am not as worried about my right-to-work as much as I'm worried about my right-to-be. I wouldn't want to be in a situation where my partner is in the hospital, unconscious and things just get worse because he can't authorize me to take care of him.

Hopefully I will find my way and it won't be that bad. But what if it is?