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The Empty Room

No lines, no circles No corners, no edges

No ground, no sky

It's the empty space of thoughts.


I crave to create it every day

In me, around me

to just keep, nurture and grow what's in my heart.


But it all gets fuzzy with reality

The reality of solids, liquids & gases.

What's the matter, I ask myself.

It is not what's around me,

Everything in me is matter worth knowing

or so I feel.

But then what's in me is made with what's around me, no?


So, I un-build the walls of graphics,

I deconstruct the comfort of a couch,

I melt that cup of coffee.

Because all I want is nothing,

For me to create everything.


An empty room

for me to look up at my dreams

to look around at my thoughts

to smile at my imagination.

To empty out & fill in all over again.

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