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The Tao Of Writing

This is the title of a book and is also my latest discovery. One of the days last week, after spending an evening with some friends, I came home and sat in front of my desktop as usual. It was around 11PM and I was browsing through my social media pages. Since most of the social networking activities are brainless, I started thinking about what I had done since I quit my last job.

I was in USA for 3 weeks and when I came back, I had decided to start writing extensively about anything, everything and travel. I had started a travel blog in 2011 with the hopes of writing about every trip that me & my partner take together. It had been almost 2 years and I had not yet written a single travelogue. There were so many experiences, so many stories and so much to share with the world. But I didn't write. Maybe it was the job or maybe it was sheer lack of discipline.

But what I figured out last week was completely different.

In that moment of retrospective thinking, I just logged into my travel blog account. I found one 'COMING SOON' post for our trip to Kenya & Madagascar. The next thing I know, I was already recalling and typing out all the memories from September 2011.  One blog post led to another and rest rests on the blog page.

I think I had started writing at around 12AM. At 4AM, I still  hadn't stopped writing. I wrote a precursor to the Africa trip, wrote about Kenya & Madagascar and then moved on to our 2012 expedition to Mt. Kilimanjaro. It just happened!

Every story just came down from my memory to my veins and was on the screen in front of me. It was just amazing. And at that moment I realized that the silence of no expectations and no deadlines was steering it. 5 years of working on campaign pitches, writing content for brochure & websites and crafting crisp, cheeky headlines; I hadn't felt this fulfilled.

It was beyond success, any achievement & any reward. It was a realization that I had to write every day, for peace & greater good!