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A birthday wish

2013 birthday wish My sister asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I realised that over some years, I have almost stopped wishing for anything but inspiration. And for me, nothing is more inspiring than human spirit.

Almost 3 years ago, I saw a marathon for the first time. It filled me with an unknown energy to do things which seem meaningless and find my own meaning in them. Since my first run in June 2011, I have not been the same.

I have a fairly smooth career, an incredible life partner and a box of dreams. Whenever this box seems to be emptying, I quickly come up with something to do so that I don't run out of my 'meaning'. For 3 years now, I have run for this filler. I have done 3 half marathons, 4 10/12 kilometre runs and have run around office-campus many times. But even today, I don't enjoy running regularly. However, I 'love' running to reach the finish line. The self-learning that I go through is immensely gratifying.

I still remember that when I ran my first marathon, I felt drugged after the 12th kilometre. It was more painful to stop and I felt my ego splitting into a weaker calling asking me to just sit back & relax. Fortunately for me, giving up is generally not an option. So, when I ran into my partner's arms in  2 hours 58 minutes, I felt victorious. I was high and I didn't have to explain it to anyone why.

Running is my way of drinking lots and lots of human spirit along with water. It's my way of keeping a check on sanity and it's my way of rewarding myself with a sense of achievement.

So, when some horrible people planted a bomb in Boston on 16th April 2013, splitting limbs at splitting distances and finishing lives at the finish line, I was disappointed with humanity. I had a tear in my eye as my heart was tearing apart at the sight of people running for their lives. I can't even begin to imagine what some of those brave-hearts would be going through as they lie in hospitals, getting themselves reassembled.

Maybe we can stitch back their limbs but I wonder how easy it is to revive broken souls.

That's what I wish for as I enter the 32nd year of my life. I will run a 10km next month and I will be running the Ladakh Marathon in September. And for the first time I will run for a cause. I will be running to reignite the human spirit, not because it's weak but because I think I understand that it takes a lot to get there, to reach the finish line!