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Life is a long, wondrous and continuous introduction to yourself.

The act of creation — it leads me to unknown places. Only to make me realize that all was known, always. And yet, I live every day with the hope that I’ll explore, create and grow into someone new. Because what’s life if not a long, wondrous and continuous introduction to yourself.

In this journey, music lives by my side. I find melody in my writing, and a lot of writing in my melodies. Sometimes, I hear songs in the bubbles of boiling tamarind water. Or in the stroke of red paint over the canvas. Or in the giggles of a child after a good joke. Tunes find their way even into my boredom, curiosity and the thoughts in between. And a rhythm taps into my sorrow, so it can take the leap to laughter.

Such is music. Such is life — yours and mine.


RAPPing up

11 months, 6 people and 3 brands. This story is not about numbers, it's about some unforgettable learning. It began 5 months before I took a desk in this office. I went through my life's longest interview which lasted for 1hr & 15mins on the phone. But after some long discussions, there was silence for months. And then one day, a deal was made and I was brought on board.

A small team is where I saw a big opportunity. Usually smaller teams have dedicated responsibilities tied to skill sets. However, what I noticed was that things were about to get non-stagnant. There were newer brands pouring in, some never-before opportunities opening up and some extra hard work for me ahead. This also meant that everyone with dedicated tasks will have to improvise and take up problems that they had never solved before.

Having worked in a highly process oriented set up in O&M where I also worked with my favorite art partner for 2 years, I saw a challenge ahead in RAPP for myself. There was a lot of work on everybody's plate, especially the art people. So, could I expect an art-support when I want to do some ground breaking work? Maybe I could expect.

However, I soon realized that even though people were hungry for discussions and their opinions to be counted, logistics went against all that. So, I had to think about reinventing my working style. I had to please myself, convince myself with an idea before sharing it. I had to find out ways to fill in the gaps that brainstorming sessions normally do. I knew that if I kept working on this, I might become an even better creative contributor than I was.

The next challenge that I found was in paying attention to detail. I had done proofreading in my first ad-company where I was enjoying all the extra responsibility comprising creative input, writing and client management. In those days, it was imperative to fix all copy bugs and I would do that. However, in every company after that, there was a proofreading team. So, I could focus on the bigger picture. I could work on ideas, copy writing and my expression. In RAPP, I had to get back to basics to help the team and the company. My CD assisted me in this area by giving me more & more content heavy material to proofread. He would then review it and find more bugs that I would have missed. I can safely say that as of today, am fairly good with proofreading.

My greatest challenge, which is also my life goal, was to make a difference in the lives of the people I worked with. I wanted to help my team change, grow and eventually get happier. I made a lot of conscious effort to do this and whether I managed to bring in smiles, is for me to ponder over and the team to verify.


I am packing my bags up, picking up some pieces and I hope that I am leaving behind something.