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Shoes inspire Penny

Last night, Leonard, Sheldon and Penny were involved in an idea challenge. While Leonard teams up with Raj & Howard to work on an idea, Sheldon decides to go -solo- . Penny meets him on the stairs and offers to help. And then she comes up with an idea which requires people to scan/click an interesting shoe that someone is wearing and an app will help them find the nearest store that has the same shoe. As usual, Sheldon insults her thoughts.

However, my eyes lit up. There is this idea which can get so many women excited in this world. When I say so many women, I don't have to look far. I wish I could build an app for DJ, two of my friends who love shoes. In fact, D seems to find inspiration on her feet.

If I ever get this app up, it will be dedicated to these people.



Roadblock - We need to build a shoe store network beyond USA, to make this work well.