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The sweet smell of success

It's strange how we work towards achievements.  Haven't we all been told that excellence is worth chasing, success will run after you anyway? However, as of today it seems like excellence will make you more valuable as a human being but without occasional success there's this pit of emptiness that keeps making loud void sounds. Excellence will probably make one extremely secure, content and much wiser. However, the euphoria of achievements, milestones and great success is a feeling that's unmatched. You can sharpen the knife and make it the sharpest; but unless it cuts through the edge in the finest way, your sharpening skills are unacknowledged, under appreciated and wasteful.

Such is work, labor and doing for many. You think, work, create ; but whether you do make a difference rests largely on your energy being transferred. It's not even an applaud that we are talking about here, it's the right kind of rewards that we are dealing with. Being brilliant is not enough, being effective is priceless. But what does one do if despite the best efforts, they are going nowhere?

Some may say, change the way you do things. Some would say, take a break and think afresh. Some even say, you are just looking at the wrong side of things; keep working, it will bear the results. But how does one know which one of these really apply to your problem?

You could be just unsuccessful all your life while believing that you have always done your best. Would that mean that you will get used to the emptiness? Will you stop chasing? Will that be settling?

That's my question. Is greed really that sinful?