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16th December, 9:15PM

Some of us were in heaven. Some of us were grooving; to the sound of music; to the melodies of flute; to the rhythm of electronics; to the magic of Midival Pundits at NH7 Weekender. But there was somebody who was in hell. Somebody who was dancing; to the passion of evil; to the laughter of the devil; to the rhythm of an iron road, inside a moving bus. Such is the plight of our lives. The inequality of our equal rights, the imprisonment of our freedom and the joke of our civilization. Not all of us are making discoveries, not all of us are creating spectacular things and not all of us are fulfilling our curiosities. Some of us are fighting for our safety, some of us are fighting for a society and some of us are just fulfilling someone else's desires.

It's this realization that despite being on the same time space, our life-clocks tick so differently; It's the agony that while some of us are on a beautiful journey, some others are still struggling with the darkness of life; It's the sadness of dissimilarity of the variety of our lives that makes me weep while i try to sleep.

I don't wish for an ideal world but i do wish for a world where the devil was at least human.