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Lucky point

"You're lucky to be born in a house like this. ; you're lucky to have such parents; you're lucky to be living in a country like this; you're lucky to have such a life-partner."

Everything else is understandable but the last 'lucky point'. Because it isn't one. Your parents, your siblings, your homeland and your environmental conditions are things that you have never had any say in. They were 'given' always. But most of us today have the understanding, freedom and intelligence to choose our life partners. And it breaks your heart when those you care about fail to understand it.

You've been judged. For being immature. For being naive. For being foolish. For showing sheer insensitivity towards the cultural conservativeness of those around you. For dressing up indecently. 

In light of this judgement, all that you've been able to do in life has been ignored. The joy of the best thing that you ever did has been snatched away from you by those who never really contributed in it. One incident has diluted your image and uplifted your lovers'. 

It's all in good faith. It's all understandable. But the truth of the matter is, it's all very hurtful. 

You're lucky if you never had to go through this. You're lucky if you never took the risk of being outrageous. You're lucky, I'm not. 

And I'm not complaining any more.