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The Universe

World is a concept of the human brain. The theory of evolution, life, death, survival etc is all defined by the human-kingdom. Food, kill, peace, violence, space, air, water everything has its importance and definition within the 'sensible' world of mankind.

How can we then consider human-development as development in an absolute sense? Our brains enable us to do what we do but 'is what we do the right thing to do?'.

Zillion philosophies and theories exist that talk about new-stable-systems, relativity and human behavior. However, when one watches the human discoveries and studies on the details of evolution and life in the wild, it's a little jolting to 'understand' and 'realise' that most of what we do is with ignorance. Our brains might be thought catalysts but it's the same entity which pushes us into doing things defining them as 'higher understanding'.

Sometimes, it irks to even move a finger when you start to realize that even that affects something that we don't know about.

It's weird that the more we learn, the more scared we get to learn more.

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