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The lack of empathy, the disregard for basic human needs/pain/reason and the over-whelming show of your rituals makes for a backward society. There was once a class called OBC (Other backward caste) based on the jobs that they did. Soon those with jobs that comprise performing rituals, conducting ceremonies and grand worship of some idol will be labelled as ABC (ALL BACKWARD CASTE). ABC people consider the century old customs as the primary governing ordinance for your lifestyle. They creatively combine the contemporary world with the outrageously insignificant ceremonies to lead a hypocritical life.

Some examples of this creative combination are :

  • A domestic help in her mensuration period  will not be allowed in the house during a ceremony while the same women with an abdominal pain will be made to do all the household work the next day.
  • A family member with a tiring work-life will be expected to be home before dark, will be not allowed to sleep when the sun is setting even if they have worked over 15hrs.
  • Being polite to someone who works hard all day is immaterial if you can't chant the verses for your god.
It's a pity that some human brains have been destroyed in the light of irrational, irksome and insignificant thinking and lifestyle.

Let's pray for the ABCs.