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Test of time, test of skill, test of courage, test of patience, test of endurance, science test, english test, this test, that test.

Tests have always been evil. And when you are put to an unwanted and unnecessary test, it's worse than all those school exams.

Tests are meant for learning and a greater understanding.  So, if you want to understand human behavior, your own abilities and flaws, you will choose to go through many experiments to grow and learn.

However, when it comes to love, is it really about learning? Isn't love an acquired sensation and feeling of emotional fulfilment?

How can one learn it? One would either realise it or they won't. There are no parameters and quantifiable terms under which one learns love. However, one can understand love. And understanding need not be put to test.

Hence, it's a futile attempt to put a subjective feeling to any kind of test. An evolved human being will know it in their hearts and would find any illusion of 'checks' and 'judgement' a laughable phase.

Hail the heart!