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17-04-2004 to 16-04-2011

The girl who grew up to be a woman. A woman who took her decisions, made her mistakes and claimed her own glory. A  woman who said yes when she wanted to and said no, when she could. A woman who fell in love, climbed out of it and pushed herself in it again. A woman who was confident and then in doubt. A woman who trusted the world and then felt betrayed. A woman who explored the woods, the mountains and the sea only to realize there is a lot more to see. A woman who defined a period that lasted 7 odd years. That woman is dead.

17th of April 2011 will be yet another phoenix. A girl will rise. A girl who will grow that moment into a woman. A woman who will be different. A woman who will not be like someone who lived for those 7 years. A new woman who will write a new period in a new flavor and in a brand new tone.

I hereby welcome myself in 2011.