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Welcome to India. The holy place of Kamasutra, the creative space of Vyasa and the fame-stage of Tansen. Once again.

Welcome to India. Where you find a house-full for "Indiran" but almost no audience for 'The King's Speech".

It's not surprising but worth pondering over as to how the country's majority has no taste for true creativity. There is nothing wrong with picking entertainment but what's dismal is that we fail to be a credible-audience for art.  Brain work is a matter of earning money and has little value in creating an experience.












But almost nothing would really solve this problem.

We cannot transform a population of billions overnight. However, a 'Creative Standard' can help the cause. This is not like censor board but a little parameter which rates a movie on the level of originality and thought. This should also be used to promote and market the film.

I would not like to be judged by my 'creative standard' but i would myself find merit in greater work of art. There is a possibility that via the right strategy, this will take on the larger cinema-going crowd and help us go back to our 'tasteful' self.