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A knock, an entrance Hazy & mild, yet of endurance

It finds its way in to you

Just like that, out of the blue.


Oh, It's there already

Growing with power and pace so steady

It's the one that makes you smile, frown

Cry, crave and wait with dawn.


Mostly you worry and sometimes you wonder

But all within its mesmerising splendor.


They call it love, they call it the pain

That unites two hearts through spring and rain.

It unites, oh yes; it completes they say

But leaves you less by night, by day.


Oh love, i wait for you, as you wait for me

We're moving through time and space to be

To be together yet again.


Yet again, to be in your arms.

In your arms, i will be

And in my eyes, you'll be free.


Free with me, free with us

Smiling in joy,  inconspicuous.

Joy that lets us feel one.

One that lets you feel apart.

Love that makes us so complete

Love that leaves me incomplete!