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The equation

E=mc2 Albert Einstein did leave a formula for various interpretations. And each interpretation mostly works. Here is the theory behind one of the interpretations.

Is there really a line between personal life, professional life, night life and day life is all a matter of perspective? Or is there just one entity called the "Life"?  Every part of your life is yours. It's definitely personal.  The activities and the thoughts in that personal thing called life vary according to occupation, tasks and activities.

But to make this point fairly clear, lets take the example of something called "worry". Suppose, you worry about work. You are then worried, period. You are not worried about "professional life". Because no matter what, you are worried. You can either choose to let that worry seep into your interaction with friends and family or you could stay calm with them. The choice is yours. But the fact remains that you are worried.  And even if it's about work, you are the one doing it. You are the one in it. It's personal.

Lets further dissect this. Most of us consider work as a function of brain and relationships as a function of heart. But when do you think you are doing awesome at work? When you are happy and fulfilled? Or when someone else is happy?

And, isn't happiness a function of heart?  Similarly, if you want to be successful at work, isn't that "want" a function of your heart?

Almost everything leads to an emotion. Every brain activity results in some sort of expression which involves your heart. Hence, to say that use your brain to "think" is almost wrong. Every moment, we are emoting.Even the choice to think is because of an emotion. Otherwise, we would be robots, who do things because they were made to; not because they want to. They are generic without an identity. Without an ego and without an un-programmed expression. Without an emotion.

Isn't it then right to say, that emotions, in context of human beings is a simple equation..

(E)motion =(m)ind * (c)onsciousness ^2 ?