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You don't need feet to run.

You need oodles of madness. This is what one can understand after watching thousands run on a trail of 42kms for over 6hrs.

Kaveri Trail Marathon.

An "army" of thousands of men and women(kids too) assembled one morning to just run. Some ran 10Km, some survived for 21 kms but there were those who chose to ignore the world for 42kms.

What you witness in such an event is determination, mental fitness and absolute craziness. How else would you justify a mom carrying a baby in a pram for 21kms?! How else would you explain a 40+ man running bare foot on the rubbled, rugged and roasting sand of the Kaveri trail.

Oh, by the way, the madness does not come at the cost of any of the other pleasant human traits. People run with a spirit but above all, they carry their sense of humor along! Smiles, laughter amidst racing heart beats is sheer delight.

But yeah, if you think there is a high chance of giving up, almost nobody gives up!

Nobody runs to compete. It's a battle to conquer one's mind.

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