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Words are worth a game play,

What's in a name anyway?

If you thought that was cryptic and it may have been created for the heck of writing a rhyming quote, you are right. I play with words and sometimes, my game is not the best. But i play anyway.

However, the quote is not the issue here. The problem is about a "name". Or precisely about branding. A newborn human child goes through something similar. You've no idea what the child's strengths are. What it's going to do for a living. Or if naming him "johnny" is going to make him "as-smart-as" Johnny Bravo. Nevertheless, an entire family clan sits through meeting sessions and debates over what to call the next "family brand".

And more often than not, the "brand name" is beaten by the "brand". I am prettier than Lindsay Lohan and definitely smarter than her. Yet, i am Lindsay.

It is a strange activity. You play with whatever little information you have. Hardly knowing what would work and what would not. And either the name supersedes or it completely fails the purpose of the brand. It's so tricky that you mostly would want to rape a brand-name than coming up with one. Ironically, the newborn still gets a name. For namesake.