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Minimal is the new Exaggerated.

Mini skirts, VW Beetle, Flat televisions or Mc Donald's fries. Things are gRoWing smaller and getting more popular. A woman wearing a long flowy dress will mostly go home from a party less noticed than a saucy girl in a micro-mini skirt. A man driving an ambassador receives less social attention over a boy driving out in a VW beetle. My CRT Television is a liability while the new LCD TV is a charm. McDonald's fries is preferred to fuel a hard day's work over a three-course meal.

So, yes. Less is more and Magic is the new belief.

My art partner today randomly said that people prefer minimal design, font etc nowadays and it triggered a chain of thoughts. Magazines have ranted and ranted about how, small gadgets are IN. But how the trend is spreading over the entire spectrum of choices, is interesting.

Advertising is growing everyday a little more "little". A 5KB eDM is more effective than a 4by4 bill-board. "No honking" is more effective than techno bike honks.

I like!  Small is the new big [the false double entendre is purely incidental]

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