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A luscious dinner.

South Indies Restaurants : South Indian Vegetarian Cuisines, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune. It was a random Sunday. I was roaming around hungry. Hungry for something sumptuous. Hungry for something Indian and most importantly, hunting for something vegetarian. Little did i know that i would end up discovering this amazing place called SouthIndies (the style of writing is influenced by my latest work focus).

It most definitely is the best south indian joint i have come across. Now, it's not only about food i am talking here.

While i was scanning through the magazine-like-menu and quickly placing the order one by one, i assumed that the chap was writing down my order. But no, he wasn't!

The guy was holding a stylus in his hand and the order was being recorded on his touch phone. It's not cool. It's simply amazing.

I can go on talking about the awesome "murunga elai soup" and the main course, but i would rather state the eye raising customer service of this place. Every staff member seems to have been programmed to watch and interpret a customer's expression (of course surrounding food and hunger). I was just looking around my table while realising that the hand towel was soiled when the chap at the other end figured it all out. In 2 seconds, i had a bunch of tissue papers in front of me. This is just an example. There is more to it.

I would let you experience that though. Go, taste it.