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The Piano The domain that points to the place where i am going to spend my weekend mornings. I had my catch up class today.  For the first time in my life, i played on a real piano (kawai) for my refresher lessons.

Yes, the feeling was nice.

We also discussed the history of western classical music and i must say, i liked knowing about the various eras which reflect on art, literature and music in every period.

  • Baroque (15-16 Century) - Bach & Vivaldi
  • Classical(16-17 Century) - Mozart & Beethoven
  • Romantic(1815-1910) - Schubert, Chopin
  • Impressionist (Modern)

As it turns out, the one large difference between Carnatic classical music and Western classical music is that english classical is strict and written while indian classical has grown by rote learning. So, while indian classical music is lot more open to changes,variations and versions within the boundaries of a ragam, western classical music is fixed.

Hence, i would be now learning to play by rules.

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