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17 months looked after me. Yes, time does bring us wonderful things in the form of people, laughter and enrichment. It leaves us with memories and even before we get to know we have a big ever expanding bag of priceless possessions. Possessions we only know, we have. Possessions we cannot touch. Possessions we cannot carry. Possessions that are ours but still belong to the time we leave behind. I am on my way to another city to begin a new life, once again. I wonder. Why does change hurt this time? Isn’t it supposed to be good? Have I not always welcomed new beginnings? I have my dream workplace, after trying to make it for so many months. Then why should I be so affected by other usual reasons?

But as it seems, they are not usual. Over the years and after uncountable experiences, I had looked forward to some warmth. In the quest for finding it elsewhere I did not see that I had it right where I grew up. My home was my home. Somewhere in between I remember saying to myself ‘It feels like I am finally home’.

And now, I am home sick.