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Life is a long, wondrous and continuous introduction to yourself.

The act of creation — it leads me to unknown places. Only to make me realize that all was known, always. And yet, I live every day with the hope that I’ll explore, create and grow into someone new. Because what’s life if not a long, wondrous and continuous introduction to yourself.

In this journey, music lives by my side. I find melody in my writing, and a lot of writing in my melodies. Sometimes, I hear songs in the bubbles of boiling tamarind water. Or in the stroke of red paint over the canvas. Or in the giggles of a child after a good joke. Tunes find their way even into my boredom, curiosity and the thoughts in between. And a rhythm taps into my sorrow, so it can take the leap to laughter.

Such is music. Such is life — yours and mine.



Amongst the sound of silence, resonates a gush of energy

through the bars of nothing,

emerges everything in synergy.

How i wish every moment could bring with it the greatness of zero decibel sounds. The perseverance, the thoughtfulness and the ease. Much of the questions of life seem to have been answered in the boons of silence pressure or at least that could be a possibility in the lack of sheer evidence.

Sometimes we think for an entire day wondering why the sky seems blue but few minutes of absolute no-noise and real peace can answer those trivial questions of life.