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Mus.e.c & Javed Bashir

Is music a super complicated science? Do musicians themselves find music tough and difficult to crack? My adulation for music and musicians makes me wonder if i haven't known it enough. Because if i were to understand it, i would not fall prey to mesmerizing tunes without attaching reason to it or, will i? I do flirt and fantasise about music intermittently. However, Javed Bashir has captured my ears a little stronger than mere attraction. The clear and coarse voice resonates melodious notes to leave me spellbound.

From Aaj Natha Laeo to Chal Diye (with zeb and haniya), he rules the moments when his music is around.

And when i listen to his voice before i embrace sleep in the evening, i am provoked to hunt him down and have those sound waves all for myself. I bow to the magic of your vocal chords.

Thank you Coke Studio.