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Kya madam?

HP Air Pump Station
Originally uploaded by timeflicks

You drive to work. If you do it every day, you have favorites like "favorite road stretch", "favorite crossing" and in my case, "favorite petrol station"!

So, this petrol pump has a very courteous staff. They have employed women too who may/may not have been instrumental in the politeness and a seeming dignity of labor that the staff exhibits. I am not sure what the reasons are but i like getting my car fueled up here.

One of these days, i also had to get the tyres air-filled. The problem in this country is, most things are uncertain and are sensitive to the market. So, i was confused if i would have to pay for the air pump. Usually, its at the mercy of the guy who air pumps and you give a few rupees.

Interestingly, i saw this signboard put on the pump itself. I had this sense of relief and thought " This HP station really has everything in place!". A minute passed and the guy was done with all the tyres. 33psi. I noticed and started the ignition and as i was about to scoot, i hear tapping on the window pane. I see the pump guy standing. I lowered the window glass.

"Kya madam? Khaali Khaali jaare ho!".

Me(giggling) : Itna bada bada likha hai "No tips please"!

Guy : Likhne waale likh dete hain!

I am amused. I sigh and leave without paying.

My country. My irony.