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Welcome 2010.

Leaving behind a broken heart, a puzzling mind and a turbulent 2008, this year was one of the most welcoming times. The heart was not mended , the mind still cajoles & tries to penetrate me with all the bewilderment and i still am happy with uncertainties; but 2009 was a new me. Filled with a lot of hope & excitement, i embraced a spectacular time of this life. Four new destinations , experienced and lived with a lovely and inquisitive company; this year made me the happiest explorer. A new work place, the story around which is more of an amusement than anything worthwhile but it was another enlightening experience.

Met, understood and unmet a lot of people. Every one of them made a difference in a way. Ate, drank and celebrated many moments. Good it felt. Best because it was not like i was just floating. Every experience touched me or was discarded as passable if it did not.

Only glitch. It left a huge dent in my pocket. I have no plans on how to resurrect it. Add to that, i quit my work place on the last day of 2009. However, its just a black spot on an otherwise sparkling year.

Welcome 2010. You have been cleaned for art.