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Billu - 6, Weekend gone in a fix

You can have one bad experience in one weekend. But sometimes, fate gives you one after the other.

Watched both Billu and Delhi 6, one after the other.

Billu  : An extremely powerless script, a poor adaptation of something which would have worked in southern india but seems a mockery as a hindi film. Low on emotional value and technically marked landscapes of Kerala as UP. Why can't we provide visual treat to the audience without trying to fool them?

Delhi - 6 : A big waste of great music and some interesting art direction. The biggest candy for me was the white pigeon which looked super pretty in the song 'masakkali'. The songs were directed well too. But with a no-purpose concept and a message like "hum sab ke dil ke kone mein ek kala bandar chupa hai", the movie couldn't have gone anywhere.

We make great movies like "A Wednesday", 'Dev D" and some smooth entertainers like "Dostana' and "Dasvidaniya". Yet, big names in the industry spend time and energy making movies like Delhi 6? I am in fact extremely disappointed that "Delhi 6" was written by prasoon joshi who has given us some great TV Commercials otherwise.

Well, i can only say that much and pray for a better weekend ahead! Whew!