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Public Recipe

Cut apples and put in creamy-sweet yoghurt! (no, not curd) Heaven! Simplest yet such a satiating dessert for me!

Life lately has been full of interesting ways to bore myself but in between the boredom, i do manage to fill my tummy with some silly experiments!

- Made my first fried bread rolls , came lip smacking for indian,american and australian taste (house mates) - Made my first egg curry (disaster according to me, but the firangs love the curry anyway!) - Made grilled steak to be sandwiched with salads for a week's lunch menu! (slurp) - Made tomato rice with parmesan cheese :D (nothing out of the blue, but was decent) - I please myself with my own recipe for pasta-white sauce (easiest yet is a super substitute for the hackneyed tomato sauce)

And the kebabs in the store , that too in pita bread , oh yeah!!!