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Love aka Freedom

I can't write poems for her!

I cant express how much i love her......

Sometimes when i am spaced out (which is more often than not), i wonder what makes mothers? Specially, the ones like mine, who redefine their spirits, keep up the head to align with the ones they gave birth to!

Why do men lose out on sense of the world faster? Is it only my observation or is it how it goes?

Whatever, right at this hour, am overwhelmed with the thought of that woman who gave me all the freedom to be me and kept holding on to her children so nicely! And no, she aint the old mother, she is the cutest, chirpiest 50year old i have met and someone who lives life with as much curiosity as she might have lived at 18!

Belated b'day wishes ma! (6th Feb)

Am trying ma, real hard sometimes!

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