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disconnection and l3ch3ry

How internet less days bring more trouble than anticipated.

I am awaiting the installationof a super-fast internet connection at home and meanwhile i try filling the gap by doing everything possible including overtiming in the university lab.

Last friday, i missed the last bus home and decided to walk down anticipating no safety issues. I was loaded with grocery and was walking through a sloping lane which connects me to the main road. As i was walking, i noticed a drunk,shirtless guy sitting at the bus stop. I suspected foul play but still continued but suddenly saw two men emerging from the bush.

I immediately turned around and started walking briskly towards my university and within seconds it was apparent that the guys were chasing me!

I ran for my life climbing the slope with the stuff in hand , not looking behind till i reached the university lab and entered! I was mighty scared, even more than i was during this episode. I called up the university security office but they provide only on campus security.

I was left with only one option, spend the night chickened in the lab :(

I spent the night at 90 degrees alone but still scared because it was pretty easy to enter the lab as well!

I am not sure if it was my mistake or just the timing but it was not one of those moments i want t o live ever again!