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I bagged a decent position with a small IT firm after months of slogging in odd jobs.

I actually should write about one!

During my assessment weeks when i could not take the regular work, I had catered in Stateoforigin , serving beer to some thousand odd guests (all corporate people) and ended up dropping the tray like 4 times! Carrying 10 bottles of beer at one time was not as much fun as drinking them!

With my dropping scenes, i was wondering which side of the table were the people drunk :P

It was one of the nighmarish tasks i had taken up! I was expecting it to be fun, since it was one of the biggest events in my city but ended up with a 3 days long shoulder pain!


Anyway, now am with a small IT firm and am in an independent role which also involves a lot of decision making. It's been 2 weeks since i have worked with them. My director is one of the coolest geeks i have seen but i am ending up as a bit of a disappointing choice for them. Again, since i have not been really really talking for a long time and since these people work more on personal communication rather than electronic, it takes me some time to imbibe the words shot across unless its a pre-heard line! 

I am taking things a bit too seriously as well but i find no way to make it look simpler and manageable.Albeit, i have to! I want to use this small opportunity to make things peaceful and enjoyable! Patience is the buzz word but a lot more needs to be worked upon!