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Something 10 months in my first company made me think i was the person to convey 'it' just the way it works! I had decided but life had changed by the time i actually started studying it! That act of relating to different things you know and have seen did not pop up when required. The things they call thinking laterally which is the root of everything exciting was no more my prodigy! I have struggled through one part of the course with little air to breathe and think freely.

I did come up with 'ideas' but none of them, i acknowledged as good!

The most petrifying part was, after i made one, whether it means what i want to say and many a times, it did face the problem of being clear enough.

Unwatched and unmonitored loss of communication can have adverse effects specially when you pick up a line which solely depends on it.

I am hoping to deal with the issue and come up with a decent portfolio by the end of the second semester.