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I don't think of right and wrong Or rather i stopped thinking about it. I would like to do things with an understanding and when something is understood well, it becomes a part of the way you connect and relate to the world around. Last week , i had been slogging through my work. I am in sales , and yesterday i got a crack with one of my customers with one instinctual 'NO' to a question he asked, although the answer was 'Yes'. I was uncomfortable getting them into my company's network after that although it went pretty smoothly and he genuinely believed in everything i told him. I could not make out why i just could not immediately help the situation. It troubled me the whole evening.I saw what it would lead to and how much it would hamper customer care and bring about an unrest, beginning with the unrest i was going through. I was discouraged by my boss to think about it and was asked to leave it the way it is.

It took a lot to call that customer this morning from my personal phone and let him know that i had not informed him about the right details and he can cancel his subscription if he wished to.

I thought i was far more clear in my head to fall prey to such shortfalls but i was obviously wrong.

Otherwise, last week had been a personal best time since coming down under and this thing minutely colored the happiness. Whatever it be, i am going to try and be more free in my head and think happier , to prevent such unnecessary pitfalls.