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Mad Woman Shot Drunk

A scotch lover and a certified Vodka drinker who rarely gets high on the strongest alcohol, i am generally very confident of small amounts of liquor very rarely taking on me. Blame it on the years of prevailing unhappy state of mind but the only time before when i was needing support to stand up was a ruthless mix of cocktails like Gimlet , Pina Colada followed by shots of Saki and Vodka!

What happens when you go on an all booze party with some young blokes, buy 2 dozens of beer thinking that it's going to do anything but take you high....YOU LOSE IT! :P

A great evening, with some wonderful music and talks which i don't remember. Weirdly, i got a hangover the following day while working! It was scary to find myself swaying while talking to clients!

But the scariest part was realizing that you were caught on video in the most non-memorable states ever!