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Cutting Edge Visit

Went on a visit to the most sought after production house in Australia yesterday.

All that sound engineers and video enhancing/editing technicians gave such a jazzy impression of the whole task. TV commercial production looked more fun than i expected. Although the tasks look very draining and de-energising in terms of the time they take and the focus involved with an added uncertainity of the client's reaction, all the people involved were so alive and happy about what they did.

The interesting part was the 'Telecine' department where they edit video's for color enhancements in real time. Most of the editing equipments still are analog which keeps the videos from breaking up when magnifying the smaller parts in a video.

The sound studio experience was good too, the highlight being the significant difference in the loundness and quality of a TV commercial and the programs they run between. The compression of sound signals and then raising them to higher levels to produce louder audio signals was  good to note.

One of the video editing guys showed us the making of a new Mazda TVC from scratch. I have done some flash animation but have never been in video making. Seeing every frame being superimposed in another to create a story, bringing camera shots of different things together and superimposing on each other to create an event, removing the smallest distracting element which may hamper the desired effect....this all was too cool to watch.

With all the softwares handy and a bit of the know how of sound and video engineering, the technical aspects would not have taken the cake for the visit, I simply loved the visit just for the fancy impression of the profession and the enthusiasm shown in explaining everything.


First big booze party last night. Was high enough to "remember" the shit i spoke after 2 bottles of Victoria Bitter!