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forget me not

continuing on zillions of no-memory posts...

its getting worse...

X writes on the board "09/05"
Me : Dude, its 11th of May
X : hehe, its the 12th :P
Me (checks on cell phone and smiles): Oh yeah, how can i forget, its the 12th of May.

Some heavenly being would have been screaming *ITS THE 12TH OF MAY!*

I remembered it was an important date. What importance it carried...struck me when it no longer was important!

I missed the Sudha Raghunathan concert to utter mindlessness :(

Add to that, i had checked the previous night for the venue and the modes of transport etc etc ..all assuming it was on Sunday, the 12th !

Damness! Inability to connect the closest things to arrive at a conclusion...and am into creative advertising.... lateral thinking? huh!