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Work, Study, Food, Movies...

Life is very died down but i am taking it as slowly as it comes...

As i jostle between boring lectures, tedious work pattern, lonesome home .... each day can be summarized in one of the four subjected words of the post.

I am watching a whole lot of movies to kill boredom...

- Bad Boys
- Music and Lyrics
- Resident Evil
- Scoop
- Some repeated flicks

I am eating every second (chewing,munching everything edible)... Food is all juices,coffee (indecent amount), fruits,breads, some desi+oz combos and what not!

Lost the clock cycle..sleep at weird hours and eyes open exactly 8 hours respect for the alarm too ..sigh!

Was in an extreme thinking mode lately and find something/somewhere is very inappropriate but i do not have options to do anything about them other than dealing with it in the given conditions.

Oh yeah, for those reading this still, Music and Lyrics is fun to watch...kinda mushy but cute!
Scoop was a typical Woody Allen movie but a bit of a disappointment ( I have loved 'the curse of the jade scorpion'). The suspense angle turned out to be predictable.

Rest...i want something to write about...finishing assignments has been a pain! (and yet they are not over!)