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The safest accidents are the ones that never happen

Was directed to this campaign by a friend visiting the US currently , can take a look here

It seems to be a very interesting campaign although i cannot really investigate on the impact it has as it is billboard campaign but if i go by the following news snippet:

Lexus is spreading its message about safety with new interactive ads consumers can manipulate. The campaign promotes the RX 350 luxury SUV in New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco storefronts with full-motion ads that engage with consumers as they pass by.

The ads lets people watch a car collision that appears to crash through the window on a video display. Consumers can "undo" them by interacting with the ads using body movement. The campaign, which launched last week, promotes Lexus' latest message about its vehicles and safety: "The safest accidents are the ones that never happen." It runs through April 15.

Full article here

 it indeed seems very engaging, the tag line itself caught my attention.

Most creative designs are most appealing with humor and engagement but i as well enjoy sophisticated yet stylised attempts at advertising specially with big names like Lexus and Mercedez.

This also reminds me of mercedez AtoS  website which amazed me with the great flash work but more importantly i discovered that merc uses "Coconut husk as fillers in the seats, which are bought from the poor people in the amazon jungles!'  (POEMA project)

The whole website is very rewarding and i thoroughly had enjoyed it. Recommend visiting it!