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Radio Left me Liberal

(the copy reads : DOGMA or 'All music, no Dogma')

Was taking a look at this interesting piece of campaign here for Galaxy 92FM when i landed up digging about Mao-Tse-Tung which further took me to read more about the political conditions in China and finally landed reading about freedom of speech and the way its exercised across the globe.

Take this as ignorance but i was due-ly zapped when i read :

Web portals including Microsoft's MSN have come under criticism for aiding in these practices, including banning the word "democracy" from its chat-rooms in China!

A friend also directed me to dig about how 'google' which is the 'know it all' factor in the internet world also finds a very chained existence in the country!

Although i have never really researched(i considered myself apolitical) but from the way things looked, China seemed to be the next super power, but am wondering if such pull backs affect the progress.

Where do you fall on the liberal - conservative political spectrum? (United States)

Far-Left Liberal
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