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Brisbane - the story thus far

This may not be taken as a real review/view on the place considering the little time and exchange i have had with the place but am running out of channels to express, so here is a SMALL write up on what this place has done to my head and existence till now.

- Beautiful

A strangely rustic place and still all equipped. Its a relaxers paradise anytime of the day. If you are anywhere near the north, the morning views could be breathtaking if you are at the right point.
Away from natural beauty, in the night, whatever has been done to the place makes it very shiny! The story bridge, of which i have just had a small glimpse looks wonderful and any drive on any of the motorways in the night is good!

- Smiles all the way

I had been in Kerala for 13 days way back in 1997, when i noticed the contentment in almost every person which made them look/sound generally happy and merry. I used to think that its somewhere because of the non-awareness of the discovered truth , we quote as 'knowledge' that makes them be the way they are?!. There is nothing more to seek, i have my life and i continue to be happy with it.

The story repeats here, the only irony being , technology talks in every millimeter of this place and still there is no air of 'yes, we are advanced!'! Heck, they almost reflect being backward in their attitude!

Nevertheless, It does get a bit boring for me looking at the snail's speed of everything...

-Education and Survival , thats the way i have lived dude!

Irrespective of age and phases of life, you find people studying at universities post-marriage/children or even when they are retired! :)
You find kids filling in a bit of pocket earnings with any odd job and ditto goes for any demography. Education has little to do with your mode of employment and survival. Its the way i/we live!
(after a little chat with a mate back in india, was wondering if we live a bit too much in the "i know" phase and let it command us?!)


BUT this place makes me walk like hell! I thought Mumbai was a walker's domain! Brisbane beats any Mumbai ! Whew! What with the highs and lows....

I should be visiting Gold Coast tomorrow! Had plans of driving down but scrapped it to first drive around the city once!