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Sayonara 2 : People as points in space

The coherence in thoughts when it comes to talking about connections is something i still have not reached! I take this post as a deferred task till the day i can find my thoughts worth expressing.

In a nutshell, the 2 years period, beginning late 2004 has been aggressive learning in terms of making me aware that most of my bonds are shallow..let it be love, friendship or even the things i do. (work etc); My connections almost always start and reach a peak and then vanish... if i were to graph it out, it looks like a segment of a line  of constant high slope! The sufferings of time have been largely  an effect of my inability to consistently maintain a bond.

I would not want this to be stated as a 'fact' in a lifetime and hence, am constantly on a run to work it out...

Would add up more when it can be...

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