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I passed one of these days from this place, i have before , many times...  The first time i saw it, as everyone, i was fascinated... the architecture , the massivity .. everything was breathtaking but i had forgotten something ...  what was it for? What did it take away? and what exactly does it serve!?

Today , the structure looks like a massive land-grabbing , selfish dream of some bodies who had the wealth to create a real image of their beliefs and accumulate more and more comfort every day! (It has a good entry fee :|)

There is a chunk of homeless people dying/freezing on delhi streets everyday. Why cannot the decision-makers think of building houses for those who pile up like trash on every street?!  This monument irks me down with the way it is spanning across all the areas which could have habited some foot-pathed!

Who exactly benefits from these? ok, lets forget about benefits... is there one good reason behind any of these structures? Forget my 'non-believer' thoughts , i see it as utter-nonsense in terms of creating more pain than relief to the poor..
-first, they lose place to live and
-second, they have another imaginative figure whom they bow down for to alleviate discomfort of survival-fights! What an irony!

For all that art and beauty , first make those who can appreciate it rather than cry in front of those imagined and created forms we worship!

I do not remember the last time any drive to house the homeless was taken up! The east delhi area still rots! We shifted to the southern side few years back and one of these days i went back to take a look at my old locality ... the wonder is, i can get drowned in nostalgia... everything is exactly the same! Not a single pit was filled , none of the bumpy roads have been devoid of dumps and bumps! Every foot-path still homed many!

Why are we creating tourist attractions at the cost of uglified face of the people?