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Achievements and Celebrations

Happiness derived from celebration which in turn is a consequence of a relative achievement will always be hollow.
(what i also call an ego-boosting sensation)

Setting personal landmarks is a big mis-calculation because what we know is limited and keeps growing. May be stretching landmarks or keeping them dynamic will make more sense.

Having thrived on competition for 80% of my spent life and being relatively successful , i today stand at a position to know that competition is rather a ruining entity as it always keeps us aware of relativity and although it might add to a lot of un-conscious growth, it still largely would limit a conscious experience of knowledge and happiness!

Achievement as i understand today, should be a peripheral to a conscious existence, the materialistic or a survival inducing reward of a race to learn and understand.

Ofcourse, this chapter is very subjective. But then, to all their own :)