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A wonderful evening , totally unforeseen, thanks to some-one who just asked me at the nick of the hour and we landed at the venue to witness some un-glamourised names in the field of music, specifically the sufi style!

Ruhaniyat , one of the various events organised under the Banyan Tree Events, brought about the meet of some fabulous singers from various stretches of the country. Majority were the voices and styles from western rajasthan where sufi found a seat in india but it also had some people from Assam, West Bengal and my favourite singers of the evening from a small town near Ludhiana! Unfortunately , i missed their names (should be 'the Nizam Brothers').Most of the others were creating an aura of extreme devotion and spiritual atmosphere , what sufi stands for, while these guys were breathtaking in the terms of musical expertise they exhibited!

But for most, it was the Sabri Brothers who made their evenings memorable with their charm in Qawwali singing. They also rendered Chapu Tilak from the hindi movie Batwara. For me, they were fun and the play of words was very entertaining. I specially liked the way they brought the audience in their attempt to communicate,interact and let everybody get involved! I have been the lead singer in my school's qawwali group and never was it so much fun as it was yesterday!

Add to all this, it was organised in The Garden of Five Senses, the perfect place for such concerts! I am bored of hearing rock shows being held in open air while this was just an ideal way of blending the chilly weather with the warmth of mellifluous Sufi noted phonic effects!

I have recorded one whole song by the Sabri Brothers on my camera on a special request , will put it up here if its worth it.

I am disappointed with the fact that i missed 'Dakshinayan' , a dedicated carnatic festival organised by the same group in Delhi. Apparently, the group has a two days music festival every year in Mumbai, first held in the 1990s.