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Money Matters

A large financial body with an enhanced , sophisticated banking software manages to misplace a transaction!

It was a month and a half back, when a friend of mine did a foreign transaction through my credit card. Usually, the details appear within a day on the statement. It did not for 10 days.

Called up bank-1(which is one big pain in the ass) and i was told the transaction exists in the unbilled details and will appear on the statement as soon as the merchant confirms it..... Okay!

I checked with them yesterday and guess what, it no more exists in their database! The rule says 'If the merchant does not confirm the transaction with in 21 days, it is cancelled' but hello? is not it supposed to exist somewhere?
'I am sorry mam, but at present i cannot see anything on the date you specified!'

In contrast to bank-1, the same evening , i had to get a task done through bank-2 for a fellow friend and it was as swift and easy,(other than the fact that i had called them up after a real long time and i have had 3 different formats of my name on records till date, so was fumbling on 'Your name please'? heh!). Bank-2 rocks and i love their web-interface as well.

Bank-1's online system is another thing i frown upon!

Well, the point is, the above still worked in my favour as i did not loose money but does not it signify a mal-functioning system which might land me/you in trouble anyday?

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