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Why am glad, i decided not to be an MBA

When you work in an ill-planned organisation, racing towards growth in terms of quantity and burdened with tasks having non-measurable demands ..chances are that other than the risk of failure, you might end up learning/realising some nit-picks of the corporate world at large. We have a weekly meet with our managers and the talks which are pre-fed and conditioned due to the management education they have taken, create an illusion which would be very rosy for any naive mind and you might end up being brain-washed. But with my experience of two such high-level managers trying to talk out things, i have come to realise that management as a subject of education is personally a waste of time which might be better utilised learning and understanding more complex things in this world.

I believe tackling people and things should come as a result of understanding something you have been doing for long, you have researched on for long and have dealt with a lot of passion to bring about a change. Management, as a subject should be gradually nurtured as a part of our personality rather than putting in two odd years learning and channelising ourselves with philosophies which create nothing more than a belief which is pure illusion.

This is very much a personal opinion and all criticism is welcome.

I know i have people from the field reading my post but i think this is to evoke some thoughts from those who have been through the tenure of getting trained in this field.

I might say, i am a bad planner but that necessarily does not mean i am happy stating it every day. On the contrary , i have been considered a perfectionist in organising things but i have realised that the things i have put my energy and thought process, have been areas i have really wanted to work in or have been passionate about bringing those thoughts alive. I am pretty sure that if somebody just asks me to organise some random stuff, i would not take it up for pure planning and management.

I have seen managers trying to emotionalise the idea of working towards something while precisely the truth is, as long as its labour, it is LABOUR, you cannot move it beyond that and any attempt to inculcate creativity is plain futile!

It is often said that people with the aforesaid attitude fail to rise the corporate ladder while i think its the opposite.

May be i am plain ranting :)